Steven Aleong

Keeping myself occupied since 1984

Me holding a big umbrella

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer

Creating and working on websites is a passion and a love of mine.
I started creating websites when I discovered the internet and learned that anybody can create anything!
The internet is amazing and I am glad I am here for it.

I graduated from The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Computer Systems Technology (Now called Digital Media and IT Web Design and Development Concentration) with honours in 2005 and have been working full-time since to keep myself in a constant state of busy.

Never one to limit myself to any single mindset as there is always multiple solutions to achieve a goal.
I am constantly exploring new ways of developing and hope I never stop.

Stuff I've Created

Spotify Playlist Randomizer

Spotify Logo

I wanted to be able to randomize my playlist order in a more permanent way. I know there is a shuffle option but when I shuffle and continue playing on my phone, it re-shuffle's the playlist so I'll sometimes keep hearing the same songs.

Deezer Playlist Randomizer

Deezer logo

Someone asked for a simliar tool to shuffle their Deezer Playlists, I looked into it and created the same sort of tool as Spotify for Deezer

Spotify Playlist Funneler

Spotify logo

Select a source playlist and funnel a selected amount of tracks into a destination playlist picked randomly.

Firefox Add-On: Random Bookmark

Wanted a way to go through random bookmarks that I have saved in my browser. Load up a random bookmark! You can also choose to load from selected folders.


Public websites that I've worked on