Deezer Playlist Randomizer

By Steven Aleong

Looking to permanetly shuffle your Deezer playlist? Use the following tool to do it. Once you authenticate this app with your account on Deezer, you will see all your playlists listed.

Someone asked me to create a similar tool for Deezer as the Spotify Playlist Randomizer I created previously. Looked it up and they had an API available to hook into.

Works more or less the same as the Spotify Playlist Randomizer one.


Playlists Shuffled
Since December 2, 2018
Average per Day: 0.27
Songs Shuffled
Since December 2, 2018
Average per Day: 178.73

This tool requires permission from your Deezer account.
Please authenticate yourself through Deezer first.

Information about this tool

Your Deezer authentication information isn't saved anywhere permanently, just in your session, so once your session ends with the site, you'll have to click on the authenticate button again to use the tool.

If it throws an error, it could possibly be caused by too many requests being sent to Deezer.
If you want to revoke access for this tool, go to your My Apps in your Deezer profile.
Look for Playlist Randomizer and click on the Delete this app button beside it.
If you want to reuse the tool after that, you just need to grant this tool permissions again by clicking on the authenticate button above.
For playlists that have been randomized, I save the following information:
User name, playlist name, and the number of tracks in the playlist.
This data is pulled using the Deezer API Endpoint: User and Get a List of a User's Playlists.