Steven Aleong

Keeping myself occupied since 1984

Creating websites is a passion and a love of mine. If you ask me if something can be done, I'll usually tell you that I personally believe anything is possible and is more a question of how much time do you want to spend on it. I may not be the best but I definitely try to make it the best that I can of my abilities.

I graduated from The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Computer Systems Technology with honours in 2005 and have been working full-time since while also taking on side projects to keep myself in a constant state of busy.

I primarily work with Microsoft based technologies including ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, Microsoft SQL Server. I create more interactive websites using jQuery, jQuery UI and using any other plugins available. I am able to quickly create websites using repositories that I have accumilated over time and being able to successfully search the internet for any help to any problems I'm unable to solve myself.

Some tools which I have used and worked with, in no particular order include: Windows Azure, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Font Awesome, Wordpress, Umbraco, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Maps API, Spotify API, Deezer API, ZenDesk, Basecamp, Highrise, MinuteDock, Plesk Panel, MailChimp, Amazon AWS, MailJet, SendGrid, Facebook API, Twitter API, OpenID, IIS, WuFoo, AngularJS, VueJS, React, Atlassian JIRA, Active Campaign.

I don't limit myself to any single mindset as there are always multiple solutions to pull from to achieve a goal. I am constantly exploring and love learning.


Spotify Playlist Randomizer

I wanted to be able to randomize my playlist order in a more permanent way. I know there is a shuffle option but when I shuffle and continue playing on my phone, it re-shuffle's the playlist so I'll sometimes keep hearing the same songs.

Deezer Playlist Randomizer

Someone asked for a simliar tool to shuffle their Deezer Playlists, I looked into it and created the same sort of tool as Spotify for Deezer

Spotify Playlist Funneler

Select a source playlist and funnel a selected amount of tracks into a destination playlist picked randomly.

Firefox Plugin: Random Bookmark
Wanted a way to go through random bookmarks that I have saved in my browser. Load up a random bookmark! You can also choose to load from selected folders.


Public websites that I've worked on


I'm always looking for something new to create or if you're looking for consultation or maybe just some advice. Please feel free to contact me at or on LinkedIn.