Spotify Playlist Randomizer

By Steven Aleong

When I first created this tool, I was frustrated with the way Spotify was playing my songs when I shuffled. I wanted to be able to randomize my playlist order in a more permanent way.

Once you authenticate with Spotify, your playlists will appear below. Select a playlist to change the order of songs and wait for a message. Easy peasy. Once it completes though, it can't be reversed by this tool. So make sure the list you want to change the order of is the correct one.

If you do end up using the tool and enjoyed the experience, please leave a comment down below! I never imagined so many people would find this tool useful. I just built it for myself and put it out there for anyone else to use.


Playlists Shuffled
Since May 28, 2016
Average per Day: 273.78
Songs Shuffled
Since May 24, 2018
Average per Day: 120,036.14
This tool requires permission from your Spotify account.
Please authenticate yourself through Spotify first.


What do I do after I randomize a playlist?
Once your playlist has been randomzied/shuffled, go to your playlist in spotify, make sure the sort order is set to "Custom order" and also turn off "shuffle" and then start playing from the first track! The tool just put your entire playlist in a new order for you so you want to play from the first track.

Can you randomize/shuffle my liked songs?
Sorry, unfortunately Spotify does not allow access to moving the liked songs around. One workaround is that you can make a copy of your liked songs as a new playlist and shuffle that one. I know it's not ideal, but it does work

Information about this tool

Your Spotify authentication information isn't saved anywhere permanently (unless you want it to in a cookie), just in your session, so once your session ends with the site, you'll have to click on the authenticate button again to use the tool.
If you've approved access to this application previously before, it should redirect you back here as you don't need to reapprove this application again.
If it throws an error, it could possibly be caused by too many requests being sent to Spotify.
If you want to revoke access for this tool, go to your Approved Applications in your Spotify profile.
Look for Playlist Tools by Steven Aleong and click on the Revoke Access button beside it.
If you want to reuse the tool after that, you just need to grant this tool permissions again by clicking on the authenticate button above.
For playlists that have been randomized or reversed, I save the following information:
User name, playlist name, playlist id, and the number of tracks in the playlist.
This data is pulled using the Spotify API Endpoint: Get a User's Profile and Get a List of a User's Playlists.